2009 Restoration Progress

19 January 2009

Well Since it started to get cold here in November I have cut down on activities in the garage, concentrating on research into materials and smaller indoor jobs. I have had some brown paint matched and mixed at Lowe's that is a pretty good match for the seat frames and the majority of the internal structure. I repainted a seat frame and cleaned up the aluminium top which had quite a lot of oxidation to it. The results are very good.

After sourcing cork tiles for the floor I managed to find a supplier here in Maryland, that turned out to the cheapest in the U.S.

I removed the compressor trap and cleaned it up, restaining the wood, painting the metalwork and replaced the old cork tile. The results is not to bad.


Trap as removed.


The restored trap complete with the new cork tiles installed.






I am next going to re-Doverite the grab rails and platform stanchion pole.




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